Detroit editorial sends message to MSU, Uber, Wells Fargo

A recent editorial in Crain’s Detroit Business sends a pointed message to leadership of businesses and institutions that without commitment at the top, an entity’s compliance with sexual harassment and sexual assault prohibitions is likely to fail. The author discusses the downfalls and disconnects when an institution compliance officer or CEO still wrongfully believes it is appropriate to weigh compliance against an offending executive’s business performance.

On creating a successful compliance program, the editorial notes:

A compliance office exists to help leadership build a culture and apply high standards of conduct, not to “do” compliance so leadership can ignore it. Compliance professionals can spot red flags, but only leadership can do something about them. Here are a few key elements of a successful compliance program, which only MSU’s top leaders can provide:

  • Encourage people to report concerns, ask uncomfortable questions and prevent retaliation.
  • Ensure that each employee and student knows that her or his boss, coach or teacher expects and models ethics conduct and compliance.
  • Create incentives for good conduct and avoid incentives for bad conduct.
  • Use the data the compliance office will generate to change the organization.

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